Oral presentations and posters preparation


Oral Presentations

Keynotes will be given in the “Massimilla” room (room A) at the first floor of the venue building. Scientific sessions will be held in the same room and in the adjacent “Bobbio” room (room B).
Presentation rooms are equipped with video projectors and presenters are requested to speak from the podium using the microphone. Presenters will be provided with a remote controller with integrated laser pointer.

Presentations should last no longer than 17 minutes to allow 3 minutes for questions and changeover to the next speaker. All screens are in widescreen (16:9) format.
Presentations should be prepared in PowerPoint or PDF formats. Slides with movies (format .MOV or MP4) must be checked for playback on the laptop. Each speaker is requested to bring along with him the presentation on a USB pen and to upload the presentation in the room which is assigned to his presentation at least 30 minutes before the morning and afternoon sessions start. 

The use of a personal Laptop is strongly discouraged unless motivated by special requirements or data privacy reasons. Please contact room technical service well in advance of your presentation for technical feasibility verification and functionality check.

Poster Session

Posters are presented in the space between lectures Rooms. 

Posters are to be brought already printed (at authors expenses). Maximum allowed poster size is 1mx1.2 m in portrait orientation (A0 is the optimal size). 

Posters must be affixed at the assigned positions, using the provided pins, on September 6 from 8:30 and authors are requested to be present at their poster from 13.00 to 15.40 on that day.