Udine 26-30 june 2023

Advanced School Coordinate by:

Amirfazli (York University, Toronto, Canada), V. Bertola (University of Liverpool, UK), M. Marengo (University of Pavia, Italy)



LIDESP is an International Advanced Course on the Interface, Drops and Liquid Sprays Physics. This year it will be held this year in Udine, from the 26th to the 30th of june 2023.

The course objective is to provide the participants with a thorough overview of the state-of-the-art knowledge on the physics of drops and sprays and its applications inindustrial processes as well as in everyday life, based on recent research results and on the most updated methods for the prediction of dynamic outcomes, heat transfer, wettability effects, their measurement, and their numerical simulation. Specific attention will be paid to the applications in life sciences, such as microdroplet management.Application to chemical processes will be dealt with special care in view of the industrial interest
towards this component, while the very recent application of drop management in microscale, including microstructured surfaces will be treated in detail. Lectures will cover several topics, including: an introduction of the basic Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics of interfaces; Experimental techniques to measure interfacial properties; Drop impact phenomena on solid and liquid surfaces; Heat and mass transfer in drops; Superhydrophobicity; Physics of sprays and spray characterization techniques; Non-Newtonian drops; Advanced numerical methods for interfacial flows.

The course is addressed to postgraduate students and young researchers in the fields of Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Applied and Fundamental Sciences, as well as to professionals and R&D staff from industry. The course is especially of interest to researchers dealing with phenomena involving drops and sprays. In terms of mathematics and physics, lectures are delivered at the level of a good Postgraduate or Ph.D. degree. The pre-requisites are a background in Mathematics and Physics equivalent to a Master’s Degree in Engineering or Physics, and a good university-level understanding of Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer.

Please find detailed information in the following leaflet: